Foreign visitor and entrepreneurs, who have made of Medellin their home and a place to learn, have probably realized that there are several places in the city where teachers and student can choose to work and study. Whether someone is trying to learn programming or Spanish, they already know that among all possible locations, only a few can offer everything that someone needs to make their learning experience successful.

Medellin is one of the largest and most developed and cities in Colombia, which makes has recently become more attractive for people who want to find a relaxed and confortable place to live and study. Some of the most popular location for business and networking include El Poblado and the area close to Universidad de Antioquia. These areas have great access to transport as well as many important organization located in the area.  It is important for professionals to understand that if they want to learn something properly they will need to do it at a place that can offer the best tools.

In this blog article we will concentrate in the area of El Poblado and how this can provide what a group of professionals need to learn something like programming. This part of city is known because of the different sub-areas in the neighborhood. Some include, La Milla de Oro, which is an area where visitors can find the most prominent banking conglomerate in the city. If you are to visit La Milla de Oro you can also find some of the best hotels in Colombia.

One of the most influential areas is also Parque Lleras. This area is also recognized for its unique nightlife and food options. Today a large group of foreign and local professionals have been attracted to Parque Lleras. Even though professionals in the past didn´t have a place to network or hold classes, today the option exists. At ESPACIO, located in Parque Lleras professional can find a place where they can network and learn at the same time. In the future ESPACIO will continue to hold classes regarding topics such as marketing and programming. Students will be able to private sessions and classes in ESPACIO´s conference room. This option has made Parque Lleras one of the Best places to take iOS Classes in Medellin.