Entrepreneurs and visitors who have decided to study Spanish from Medellin, whether they want to improve their pronunciation or grammar, they will soon realize that there are many places in the city where teachers and student can choose to have their classes. They will also realize that among all possible locations, only a few can have all the convenience for teachers and students.

Medellin is one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in Colombia, which makes it very attractive for anyone who is trying to find a relaxed and confortable place to study. Some of the most popular location for business and academics include Parque Lleras, El Poblado, and la 70. What these areas have in common is access to transport, safety and the economic drive of the areas. Added to the general area, it is important for students to consider what they will need to have a successful class. Usually, learning success will come from being in confortable place, where teaching can occur.

In this blog article we will focus in the El Poblado area. This part of Medellin has generally being recognized because of the sub-areas within the neighborhood, such as La Milla de Oro, where people can find the banking area of the city. La Milla de Oro also contains some of the best hotels in town. Another influential area is Parque Lleras. Parque Lleras is recognized for its vibrant nightlife and restaurant options. Many students and teachers have been attracted to Parque Lleras. For a long time foreign student enjoyed the area so much they even had classes in the main park. However, today they have a more visible option. At ESPACIO, located in Parque Lleras students can have their private English classes in ESPACIO´s conference room. This option makes parquet Lleras one of the Best places to have classes in Medellin, where students and teachers have comfort and safety.