Entrepreneurs who have decided to work from Medellin, whether they are in the city for a week or a month, will soon notice that there are many areas in the city where people can located their business. They will also notice that among those areas there are only a few that will provide everything the entrepreneur needs to make their businesses grow.

Medellin is one of the fastest growing and biggest cities in Colombia, which makes it very attractive for anyone who is trying to raise funds and make great contacts. Some of the most popular areas include Parque Lleras, El Poblado, San Juan, Itagui and El Centro. The common denominator of these areas is the economic drive of these places. It is important to clarify that Itagui is not really part of the city of Medellin but it is so close by that people can say it is technically part of Medellin. Also, Parque Lleras is part of El Poblado, but it is so influential that it can be consider on its own with no problems.

Now if we consider Itagui, we have an area that is very commercial and very influential in terms of traditional markets such textiles, clothing and apparel. San Juan is also a well-known area because it has a growing auto-parts industry.  El Poblado has generally being known from some of the important areas it has such as La Milla de Oro, where people can find a growing banking industry and high quality hotels. Another influential area is Parque Lleras where great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife are the common denominator. Parque Lleras has also attracted tech companies and startups from different industries. ESPACIO is located in Parque Lleras and some of its entrepreneurs enjoy the social possibilities the area provides, as well as the comfort and safety of office space.