For many years Medellin has been known as one of the most innovative and business oriented cities in Colombia and Latin America. Unfortunately, the city has been more recognized by its narco-history than anything else. Today the story is changing. As a matter of fact, Medellin has become not only a place for business, but also a place where innovation and entrepreneurship takes place. Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important to the city, and the government and investors have realized its potential.

Entrepreneurship is a concept that has been romanticized and many people ignore its true meaning. Some entrepreneurs ignore they are entrepreneurs until someone tells them they are, while some others truly believe they are entrepreneurs when they share nothing with true entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship comes from the French word entrepreneur, which translates pioneer in English. This is very interesting because pioneering or entrepreneurship has been present in our societies for a very long time, and the concept comes to typify the capacity a person has to make an extra effort to achieve a goal. Entrepreneurship requires then a set of requisites to be truly considered entrepreneurship. An idea that innovates or pioneers within its context can be consider entrepreneurial, and the person leading the initiative is an entrepreneur.

The context of Medellin presents a set of characteristics unique to its environment, and true entrepreneurs are able to disrupt this environment and used the resources available to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurial organizations in Medellin, such as .CO, Ruta N e iNNpulsa, provide support to innovators and entrepreneurs. The ecosystem is rapidly moving towards an entrepreneurially friendly environment.

Soon enough, young entrepreneurs will realize that there is more to the entrepreneurial culture than just starting a company. Collaboration and respect will be key to the growth of entrepreneurship in Medellin, and every pioneer and innovator will have a responsibility and a role to play in this ecosystem.