We have spoke in the past about the importance of providing valuable resources to entrepreneurs in order to allow them to grow. Those who have lived in the world of entrepreneurship would know that an ecosystem that makes it difficult for the entrepreneur is an ecosystem that will not generate much innovation. When talking about resources it is important to clarify what we mean. Entrepreneurship resources are all of those that provide the entrepreneur with sufficient tools to generate innovation without worrying about things that do not aggregate value to their initiatives. This means that an ecosystem that gives entrepreneurs problems when setting up a company is an ecosystem that diverts the attention of the entrepreneur from innovation.

Medellin is one of the largest cities in Colombia, and it has been recognized as one of the most innovative in the world. But, what are the resources Medellin has that can attract entrepreneurs?

To begin with the structural organization of Medellin provides its citizens with fluent mobility, eliminating the pains that larger cities around the world have. Added to this, short distances make of Medellin a very convenient place to be called home and get to an office in less that 30 minutes. These are all great things, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs want more tangible things.

Medellin has become a niche for innovation and opportunity. This is the reason why institutions such as Ruta N and iNNpulsa have made a huge focus on the city. These institutions have pioneered on different ways to provide financial resources for startups in Medellin. Right now, there are many call outs to companies in Medellin giving them financial resources and professional advice.

ESPACIO has recently become an important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Medellin. This comes from the fact that at ESPACIO entrepreneurs can find a place to network, and a place where classes regarding topics such as marketing, accounting and law are given weekly.

It is important for entrepreneurs to realize that Medellin is a city that provides sufficient resources to develop an initiative. However, our most valuable resource is the entrepreneurs themselves. Medellin has many young and smart entrepreneurs who add value to our community and without them Medellin would not be what it is.