Medellin is without a doubt one of the most important cities in Colombia. Added to its touristic attractions, the city is very well known for its focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. The city has recently been nominated to be the ¨City of the Year 2012¨. For many years now there have been traditional areas in the city that have influenced the entrepreneurial scene. One of these areas is El Poblado.  EL Poblado is one of the most popular areas in Medellin; anyone who visits the city knows this is a must-see. EL Poblado is traditionally known as an affluent neighborhood in the southern region of the city, but it also has a growing commercial area and has attracted entrepreneurs and investors for a long time.

Areas within El Poblado are also popular. Some those are Parque Lleras, Parque Poblado and La Milla de Oro. All these areas concentrate some of the most successful companies in the city, as well as the most famous entertainment options. El Poblado is great area to do business and network. Local residents and foreign visitors know this reality and many have chosen to make of El Poblado the place to sets their company´s operations.

If you are someone who is visiting Medellin for the first time, El Poblado is an area worth visiting. Whether you are staying in the city for a short period of time or longer, visiting El Poblado will definitely show you the future potential Medellin has. ESPACIO offers office space in El Poblado, local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors can based their operations in one of the most important areas in Medellin.

The benefits of having office space in El Poblado are obvious. This area offers entrepreneurs and investors access to entertainment, high quality restaurants and residential options.